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Our mission statement

We want to share our joy of communicating across language barriers, and bridge cultural lines to achieve a greater understanding between individuals.

Our Objective: My 10+ year career of translating and interpreting has led me to become very aware of gaps in understanding between people raised in differing cultures, especially if they speak differing languages. On top of language and cultural barriers, I have noticed that many of my clients’ clients also faced an acute education gap. Clear communication is essential in legal, medical, and all other types of language services. These factors- language, culture, and education level- make clear communication a challenge.

Early in my career, I realized that I had more than just a job I enjoyed and a profession I loved. I learned that I also had an important and valuable mission- to build a bridge to span these gaps dug by differences in education, culture and language.

I wanted to spread what I had discovered, along with founding a system and business culture that would provide a way to focus my mission- to continue the learning and bridge-building. I also wanted to open the door to other professionals who share the same objectives and vision. These ideas and objective in the end resulted in one reality: a solid language services organization created to exceed your and your client’s expectations.

All of us at Antares Language Solutions are firmly determined to maintaining and growing the core values that enhance understanding amongst individuals. Our core values include:

– Integrity

– Respect

– Straighforwardness

– Conscientiousness

– Ethical behavior

– Outstanding customer service

– Impartiality

– Confidentiality

– Humanism

– A cycle of learning and training

– A drive to be the best and to do the best

I strive to use my experience, and the experiences of all of us at Antares, to continue to refine innovative ways to assist in overcoming obstacles in communication. This real-world experience, coupled with our drive to provide outstanding service to our clients (and to your clients- who require expert language service)- has made Antares the leader in our field. We understand your needs, and the needs of your non-English –speaking clients.

Who is Antares? 

Hi, my name is Ana Smith, and for more than ten years I have provided interpretation and translation services across the medical and legal industry. 


Welcome to my webiste, you will find my contact information here, as well as the courses I create to get your CIMCE credits!